film processing services


film developing service


professional film developing

120/220 FILM 

film developing service

Professional C-41 35MM, APS (Advantix), 120/220 Film processing in Shop or by Mail order.

Unprocessed film is basically like a time capsule that contains precious memories. Get those film canisters developed before you lose all those precious memories. The longer you wait to get these films developed (processed) the more the photographic emulsions start deteriorating. It's becoming so hard to find a place to develop C-41 film. Photo-60 offers professional C-41 film developing and printing. Standard turn-around is 7-10 days once your film is received in our lab.

What types of Film Developing Services do we Offer?

  • We offer Film developing and Scanning. We can either scan the film onto a DVD or upload the images to a Dropbox Cloud account so customers can download the digital images to their computer.
  • We also offer Film Developing, Printing and Scanning of your film. You can also order prints in sizes 4x6 and 5x7.

film processing services

How to Order?

Step 1.

Get all your 35MM film together. We can process the following films. C-41 35mm, 120/220, APS Film and Disposable cameras. Also Black and White film in 35mm and 120/220.

Step 2.

Place Order Online or fill out the PDF ordering form.

Option 1) Click Here to purchase Film Developing Services

Option 2) Click Here to download PDF Ordering Form.

Step 3.

Once you have checked out you will receive an email notification that has your order number and order details. It looks like the photo below. You can print that out and place it with your film in a padded 6x9 envelope or just write the order number on the outside of your pacakge. Package the film securely. Ship all film prcoessing orders to "2602 Morse Lane Woodbridge VA 22192."


How much is return shipping?

Return shipping for up to 15 rolls via USPS First Class Mail is $3.95. Return shipping for 16 to 100 rolls of film is $9.95 via USPS Priority Mail.

What type of Films do we process?

We can only process C-41 35mm, 120/220, Disposable Cameras and Advantix (APS) film. For B/W we only process 35mm B/W Film. We DO NOT process 110 film, 126 or Kodak Disk Film.

How long does it take for film processing?

Standard turn-around for color film is a week, Professional Black and White film less than 2 weeks. We process color film every Friday and Black and White film every Thursday. Times can change due to workload and technical issues.

Do you process slide film?

We DO NOT process either Ektachrome or Kodachrome slide film. But we do offer slide scanning services.

What resolution are the scans?

Our standard resolution is 2048×3076. You can increase the resolution to 5035×3339 for an additional $4.95.

Where are you guys located?

We have 2 locations. Our main processing facility is at 2602 Morse Lane Woodbridge VA. That is where all our film processing orders are completed. We also have a location at 1309 H Street NE DC 20002 for drop-offs only. We DO NOT process film in the DC location, orders are accepted in Dc and fulfilled in the Woodbridge VA location.

Do I get my film returned after it has been processed?

Yes, we return the film back to the customer unless they choose our option to “Dispose of Film”.

How do I ship my film?

You can ship your film with a standard Poly Bubble Mailers using First Class Mail. The film is securely contained in its metal canister. Do not use a paper envelope that can easily tear or is not resistant to moisture. Make sure the padded envelope is securely sealed. You can purchase from Amazon.com using this link > Poly Bubbles mailers from Amazon.

Do you guys offer prints with film processing and scanning?

We do offer optional traditional silver halide Kodak Royal 4×6 prints or 5×7 prints for an additional cost for 12/24/36 exposure film. These prints are superior to inkjet or dye sublimation printers in terms or color and longevity.