Photo Scanning (Digitization) Service New York NY

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Photo-60 Studios have been scanning (Digitization) photos for customers in New York (NY) for almost 20 years.

I remember visiting my cousins in Brooklyn Ny, we took hundreds of photos each summer. The old days of processing film and making prints. Then they moved to Deer Park Ny and again we took hundreds of photos. All those photos were laying in boxes of photos in my basement. Now with our high speed photo scanning service to DVD, I was able to share all those precious memories with all my cousins in Deer Park and Dix Hills New York.

We all have shoeboxes full of pictures laying around the house that need to get scanned and digitized to a DVD or USB stick. With our high speed photo scanning service we can scan and digitize 1000 photos in as fast as 24 hours (standard turn around is 4-7 days)! Photo-60 Studio in partnership with Kodak high speed scanners have the photo scanning service capability to scan massive amounts of photos to dvd.

This is the best way to share hundreds and thousands of photos that are laying around in Shoeboxes around the house. This is also the best way to store thousands of photos without them taking so much space. If you have images that are deteriorating, scanning the photo will stop that photo from deterioration.

Once on the photos are scanned to a DVD, its also easier to make great photo gifts. Like Photo Books, Calendars, Prints etc.

Why choose Photo-60? We have been in the photo business in Woodbridge, Virginia since 1996. We know how precious and valuable photos are. All of your photos handled by trained professionals. All photos scanned in-house, not overseas or not in the West Coast. For great work and customer service Photo-60 Studio is Washington Dc’s number 1 place for all your photo archiving needs. Located 30 miles South of Washington DC.

How to order.

  • One, you’d need to buy and download a Photo-60 photo scanning voucher from Photo-60 Shop. Click Here to shop photo scanning services.
  • Two, Organize your images to our guidelines. Click here.
  • Three, ship or drop-off your order to us along with printed copy of the Voucher you purchased and downloaded online.

For Question Please call 571-572-3026 or email [email protected]


Photo-60 Studios also serves customers in Buffalo New York (NY), Rochester New York (NY), Yonkers New York (NY), Syracuse New York (NY), Albany New York (NY), New Rochelle New York (NY), Cheektowaga New York (NY), Mount Vernon New York (NY) and Schenectady New York (NY).