8mm to DVD and Digital Charlotte, North Carolina NC

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8mm to DVD and Digital Charlotte, North Carolina

Do you have have precious memories stored on 8mm home movie film? Have you been looking for a place that offers high quality transfer at an affordable rate? Then look no further, our Technicians can scan each frame of your 8mm home movies in stunning 1920x1080P resolution.   Once captured we can deliver the files in 3 different formats. We can transfer the footage in 720x480 Standard Definition to the common DVD, we also offer High Definition Blu-Ray Discs, in stunning 1920x1080P resolution.All the DVDs and Blu-rays can be customized to met your needs. We can title each Chapter to the title of the reel. We can customize the transition between reel changes. We can also add titles before each reel. You can also add slideshows with a mix of 8mm video

and vintagesuper-8mm-16mm-film-conversion-dvd photos. We can print and image of your choice onto the DVD/Blu-ray disc. We can do much much more. All discs are built from the ground up.

The third output that we also offer is the digital file. The digital files are the Master files. These are the raw captures, uncompressed and unedited. You get the entire capturing process. There is no post production on the Master Files. The files come in AVI format.

Keep in mind we can fit about 1800 feet of 8mm film onto a DVD/Blu-ray. That is about 36 3inch reels. Once we have all your 8mm reels captured then we will start post production. We will remove any dead spots, do some minor density, color and sharpness adjustments. Add the custom chapters and titles. Add music etc.

So how do you place the order for 8mm movie film transfer?

Its very easy. First get all your 8mm movie films together. If you want to place them in a specific order just write the number on the either the cardboard box or plastic reels themselves or on the metal canisters. Circle that number. Usually theres lots of note on the reels, by circling the numbers we can tell which is which. We will place each reel in order on the DVD/Blu-ray, also the chapters will be in the same specific order, the chapters will also correlate with the numbers on the movie film reels.

If you want us to title the chapters, please type that out so the chapters can be legible. For example.

Reel number 1: Paris June 1978

Reel number 2: Timmy's Birthday Party 1982 etc.

Now its time to package your order and ship it out.

The best way to ship your order is with either UPS or FedEx. Make sure you track your order every step of the way. In 20 years of transferring movie films we have not had an incident where film was lost. Even thou the 8mm film canisters is very resilent I would still take a few precautions. Use bubble wrap, use peanuts or just crumple old news paper for stuffing the box and keeping the items from moving around. Make sure the integrity of the box is intact. Do Not send 8mm movie films in a worn out box. Do Not send old movie films in a manic envelope. Make sure you tape the box securely. We usually use 3 strips of tape on top. One for the center and 1 piece of tape for the sides. Then 2 strips of tape going horizontally. Do this for both top and bottom.

Now that you have all your 8mm movies packaged and ready for shipment, there is 2 ways to pay for our services. You can either prepay online or fill out the order form and pay once the order has been completed. 

Why choose Photo-60 Studios?

Latest Technology 

For over 20 years we have been upgrading to the latest technology to capture 8mm and 16mm image frames. Using hi-resolution 3CCD image sensors to give you unsurpassed image quality from midtones to highlights to shadow areas. You'll get a crystal clear HD 1080P AVI file that's sharp from edge to edge.  

Personal Attention 

My name is Chris owner of Photo-60 Studios, I'll be there every step of the way to help you with your order. I'll give each and every customers order the personal attention that it needs. No automated phones, just old fashion personal 1 on 1 customer service. 

Demo Transfer

Photo-60 DVD offers a free demo test transfer (you only pay for postage)
so you can see for yourself, no fluff, no hype or false promises. What you see is what you get.