Relive your precious memories by transferring your old tapes to DVD or Digital (MP4). Converting your analog tapes to DVD or Digital preserves your precious memories for years to come.

We all have aging videotapes laying around our homes. Gathering dust and video quality slowly deteriorating. Photo-60 Studio offers a way to stop the video quality from deteriorating and preserving the memories for years to come. By transferring your tapes to DVD. The DVDs that we transfer the VHS, VHS-C, Video 8 and Mini DVs to, have an estimated life span of over 50 years. Plus DVDs are easier to store, cause they take up less space. We also offer printing of the title directly on the DVD. We can also transfer your tape to Digital copy. Digital copies are great for editing with video editing software, uploading to Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or any other video sharing website.

Each tape gets transferred to a separate DVD. We do not combine tapes to a single DVD. To add titles to the DVD please make sure that the titles on the tapes are legible. If the titles are not legible, please number your tapes and write those numbers on a piece of paper corresponding with the titles.

Types of Tapes we Transfer to DVD or Digital

home movies to dvd

VHS Tapes

tape to digital

8MM Tapes

tape to dvd

VHS-C Tapes

home movies to dvd

Mini-DV Tapes

Why Choose Photo-60?

  • We have been transferring tapes to DVD since 2001
  • We only use Professional Grade Rimage DVDs
  • Titles Printed Directly on DVD 
  • Ship or Drop-off order at our retail location 
  • Located in Woodbridge VA just 20 miles South of Washington DC
Tapes to DVD or Digital
From VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV or Betamax original
Includes: DVD-R, jewel case.
**Quantity Pricing Not Valid With Any Other Promotions**
1-5 Tapes up to 120 minutes$44.95 per tape
6-10 Tapes up to 120 minutes$39.95 per tape
11-20 Tapes up to 120 minutes$34.95 per tape
20-30 Tapes up to 120 minutes $29.95 per tape
30+ Tapes up to 120 minutes$24.95 per tape
additional DVD copies$14.95 per copy
add $10.00
All transfers are recorded in the SP mode onto professional grade discs for the best quality. We will not reproduce any material that is protected by copyright laws. Additional charges may apply to special editing and rush services.
* Minimum Charge On All Orders $35.00
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Digital Copies are MPEG4 Format Only