For almost 20 years has been archiving old 8mm and 16mm film for customers living in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Do you have old 8mm and 16mm home movies laying around the house? Our company also provides transferring of old 8mm and 16mm home reel to reel movies to DVD, Blu-ray or onto an external hard drive as Digital copies. 8mm film developed by Kodak during the Great Depression has been capturing precious moments since 1932. Kodak has since ceased the sale of 8mm film in the 90s. But there is thousands of feet of 8mm and 16mm home movies memory stored in people houses that needs to be converted from analog film to a modern format such as a Digital File.

Photo-60 is proud to introduce the newest addition to our 8mm to DVD telecine services. The 2K Pro, featuring unique PulseGate Technology, was designed and fabricated for our shop to create super 8 and regular 8mm to DVD transfers that offer the breathtaking clarity that can only come from frame by frame scanning. Every super 8mm to DVD or regular 8mm frame of your footage is individually scanned directly to the 2K Scanner. The gate on the DV8 Pro is enlarged to give us access to 100% of the film frame and our unique, super bright, cool LED light source provides rich, vibrant colors with zero hot spot and no chance of burning film. Frame by frame scanning means your transfers are 100% flicker free, crystal clear and razor sharp from corner to corner. The 8mm and 16mm to DVD sprocketless drive assures no film damage to your priceless footage. The 2K Pro Scanner is computer swift and machine accurate, resulting in an image that can only be surpassed by top end Rank transfer houses that cost many times more.

Submitting 8mm and 16mm Movie Film to Photo-60

1: All you would need to do is gather up all your old 8mm and 16mm home movies and get them organized first. If you would like to place the 8mm and 16mm home movies in a particular order, you would just need to mark each reel or box with a number (preferable with a permanent marker). That way we can capture your 8mm or 16mm film in the chronological order that you want. You can get up to 1800 feet of 8mm or super 8 movie film and up to 3600 feet of 16mm movie film onto a 2 hour DVD. Super 8 and 16mm sound film is transferred with sound.

2: To Prepay and Order Online Click Here to purchase 8mm or 16mm Transfer Service. Then fill out the order form to print out and add to the box that you’re shipping. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO SERVICES ORDER FORM. You can also use that same order form to fill out and pay after the order has been completed.

For questions and concerns please call 571-572-3026 or Email  the owner [email protected]

How the Process Works and What You Will Receive Back

•  All 8mm and 16mm film will be cleaned for dust that has accumualted onto the surface of the film and any bad splices will be corrected. We can’t clean any dust or scratches that are embedded into the emulsion of the film.

• Once the 8mm and 16mm movie film is cleaned we will start the capturing process. Our system will be color balanced before transfer and auto exposure will maintain average uniform exposure. Most transfers have color and brightness that can be enjoyed “as is”. All 8mm and 16mm will be captured Frame by Frame as AVI files in either Standard Defintion (SD) or High Defintion (HD) files. AVI file has less compression and allows each frame to exist on its own without having to share content from surrounding frames. This makes for cleaner editing and later conversion to disc.

• When the 8mm and 16mm movie films are done being captured and digitzed as AVI files then we will start editing the movie film. We will start removing any dead spots with no footage. We will also place the movies in the order that the customer has requested on the DVD timeline. We will add the sound, if the movies are sound film or we can just add background music. Customers can supply the background music or choose from a list of music categories form the Home Movie Order Form. We will add custom chapter markers automactically or however the customer has requested. The DVD can be customized to meet your needs. That is why we charge the $49.95 for each 2hr DVD. Once the DVD is encoded you will receive a Archival DVD in a Slim DVD case, with a custom label.

For Sample Footage Click Here. Files Resolution Reduced for Web Viewing 

From Super 8mm and Regular 8mm available in High Defintion (HD* 1920×1080) or 2K (2048×1536)
Reel Diameter (Duration)Film LengthTransfer Cost Per Reel (2K)
3″ (4min)50 ft $10 ($20 2K)
4″ (8min)100 ft $20 ($40 2K)
5″ (16min)200 ft $40 ($80 2K)
6″ (24min)300 ft $60 ($120 2K)
7″ (32min)400 ft $80 ($160 2K)
– (1hr)
– (2hr)
From 16mm Film available in High Defintion (HD* 1920×1080) or 2K (2048×1536)
Reel Diameter (Duration)Film LengthTransfer Cost Per Reel (2K)
3″ (2 min) 50 ft $13 ($25 2K)
4″ (4 min)100 ft $26 ($50 2K)
5″ (8 min)200 ft $52 ($100 2K)
6″ (11 min)300 ft$78 ($150 2K)
7″ (15 min)400 ft $104 ($200)
8″ (23 min)600 ft $156 ($300)
9″ (30 min) 800 ft$208 ($400)
10″ (38 min)1000 ft$260 ($500)
11″ (45 min)1200 ft$312 ($600)
+ Add
To Master DVD, Blu Ray or Digital Copy   
Add: 120min DVD-R Master $49.95
Add: 120min HD Blu Ray Master $49.95
Add: Digital Copy $149.95
Digital Copies Available in either .Mov or .AVI Format
Digital files are perfect for making movies the way you like them in any video editing software (iMovie, Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro, etc). Please supply us with a brand new USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for the High Definition and 2K Digital Files. The Digital files are raw unedited format.