Endless Possibilities!

Do you have shoebox's full of photos? Would you like them to be preserved on a DVD or USB stick? Scanning your photos to digital format helps to preserve your memories for years to come. There will be no need to worry about the fading and cracking associated with aging pictures. Once your images have been scanned, they will retain their original beauty with no loss in quality.

Variety of Sizes.

Here at Photo-60 located in Woodbridge VA, we can scan 1000 of your precious photos from "2.5x3.5" to "8x12" and preserve them on CD or DVD. We have preserved thousands of prints for  our customers from all over the US.


Photo-60 offers an easy, affordable way for customers to get their pictures digitized. Once on CD or DVD you can easily order prints, posters, photo gifts or just share the prints with family members by just making multiple copies of the CD/DVD. 

Fast Turn-around!

PHOTO-60 in partnership with KODAK has developed and easy solution to get prints to CD or DVD. We use a specialized Kodak scanner to scan 1000 images at 300dpi in less than 24 hours (24hr turn-around service depends on work volume. See store for details). Higher resolutions available. Standard turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

Why Choose Photo-60 Studios?

  • Drop Off Your Order at Our Retail Location 
  • 2 Great Locations: 1309 H Street NE DC and 2602 Morse Lane VA  
  • All Work Done in House
  • Hi-Tech Kodak Commercial Photo Scanners 
  • Photos Handled with the Utmost Care
  • 24hr Turn-Around (optional)
  • 1,000s of Happy Customers

All Photo Scanning Services Include The Following

As low as $149.95 for up to 500 Photos

  • 300DPI or 600DPI (option)
  • Mixed Sizes Included Sizes from 2x3 up to 8x14
  • JPEG Files
  • Images Are Not Rotated
  • White Glove Treatment
  • All Scanning Done In-House
  • Dropbox Delivery Available
  • Scan In Order Included
  • Photos Saved to Folders
  • up to 20 Folders Included
  • 24hr Turn-Around Time (option)
  • 6 Month Expiration from date of purchase



How to Order Shoebox Photo Scanning Service


Prepay online for the ShoeBox Photo Scanning service from Photo-60 Studios Shop by clicking here(For prepaying online I'd suggest making an account, so you can check your order status and order history.) 


Once you have checked out, please print your "Order Confirmation" that you receive via email, this will contain your order number and order details. Print out the "order confirmation" and place it in the box that you are dropping off or shipping. Order Confirmation looks like the image below.bulk scanning service


Gather up all your photos and prep them for scanning. Click here for instructions on how to prepare your photos for scanning. Keep in mind we can only scan stacks of loose photos. Once you have your photos organized to our guidelines, you drop the photos off with the PDF ORDER FORM at our retail location at 2602 Morse Lane, Woodbridge VA 22192 or you can place the PDF ORDER FORM in the box you're shipping and ship the box to 2602 Morse Lane, Woodbridge VA 22192. Return shipping is usually $13.95 per 1800 photos via USPS Medium Flat Rate Box PRIORITY MAIL.


Once we have received your box full of photos, it can take as fast as 24 hours (24hr turn-around may not be available due to work volume. See store for availability) to complete your order. Normal turn-around-time is 2-4 weeks. Our trained professionals will take the outmost care of your precious photos. Once your order is complete you will receive an email that your order is ready for pick-up or has been shipped via USPS.

  • File Size When Open 6MB
  • Resolution 1751x1186
  • Format JPEG
  • Saved File Size 2.7MB
  • File Size When Open 24MB
  • Resolution 3502x2371
  • Format JPEG
  • Saved File Size 9.4MB


Whats the difference between Shoebox Scanning Service and the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box?

The Shoebox Scanning Service is for customers who want to scan less than 1000 photos. The Shoebox Scanning Service also offers a scanning solution for customers that have less than 500 photos that need to be scanned. This service does not include 2 way shipping. Customers are responsible for the shipping to us and back.

The Prepaid Photo Scanning Box is a all in one solution for customers with large amount of photos that need to be scanned at 300 or 600dpi. This service also includes 2-way shipping. All you would need to do is go to your local Post Office and pick-up a Medium Flat Rate Box (top loading, Box Size 11″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″). Fill that box up with as many photos as you can with it being able to close properly. Please do not stuff the box. A Medium Flat Rate Box typically holds about 1800 4×6 prints. Once you have ordered the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box service online (Click Here to Order) within 24hrs you will receive a USPS PDF Medium Flat Rate Box shipping label via email. Customers just tape/stick that label onto the box and hand it to their mailman. We will scan the photos, save them to a DVD and ship the box back.

What is the difference between 300DPI and 600DPI

300dpi is good for sharing photos with family and friends. It also takes up less space and is easier to share cause the file size is smaller. If you scan a 4×6 at 300dpi you can make a enlargement no bigger than a 5×7.

600dpi you get more resolution, so the image will not pixelate if you make a 4×6 into as large as a 11×14. Also smaller images like a 2.5×3.5 will benefit from the higher resolution scan when you view them on a high resolution screen like a 4K tv.

 For Questions Call 571-572-3026 or email [email protected].

Photo-60 Studios has scanned and archived Millions of Photos from all over the East Coast, we have scanned and digitized for customers in the following states.  Washington DC, Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL)