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Guide to submitting photos on canvas or your artwork to

With submissions from digital cameras there is very little to worry about: the quality of modern cameras is almost always good enough to be used. Just check the file size if you are in any doubt: anything under 100k and we may have a real struggle on our hands, but anything is possible! My old camera takes pictures that weigh in at about 300k and they work just fine.

Wrap or no Wrap

On some photographs, important details are near the edge and sometimes this can mean that hands, eyes and so forth get wrapped around the edges of the canvas. Examine your photo: if there are details on the extremities, these might be wrapped over the sides particularly on smaller size or 1.8in deep canvasses.

We gallery wrap the image around the sides of the canvas as standard unless instructed otherwise, or unless there are key features close to the edge that detract from the picture if wrapped. We will endeavour to discuss this with you if no wrap is the more sensible action.

gallery wrapped canvas prints

Gallery wrap.
This is where the image folds around the edges. This is by
far the most popular way of mounting a photo canvas and we do this by default. If you do not specify "no wrap"
this is how we will present your picture.
No wrap.
This is where the image is not wrapped around the frame and is presented face-on with white sides. You must specify if you want this treatment by stating "no wrap" in
your notes when you order

Cropping and Margins

We can crop your image however you like: to remove unwanted features or to make something in your photo more prominent. When you make your order, though, be sure to include these instructions in the notes! With regards to margins, we like to wrap the image round the edge of the canvas. We think this looks much better and will prepare your canvas this way by default. When choosing your photo, it's always wise to use one that has a little freedom round the margins.

Downloading from the Web

Typically web-optimised images are of low resolution and low quality, not to mention potential copyright issues! Again, though, take a look at the file size.

If in Doubt

Don't worry! there are lots of things we can do in our studio, and we want you to be thrilled by your framed canvas. If there is any problem we can foresee with your order, we will of course contact you to try to work it out.


We can make any image greyscale for you, and in some photographs, it can really bring out the best in the subject. We can make an image greyscale, sepia, or any other monone or duotone free of charge. simply specify it on the order notes when you upload your picture.

Red-eye and other Blemishes

We also reduce red-eye, remove date-stamps and do small bits of retouching free of charge. If there is an area of concern, all you have to do is highlight it on the notes when you upload. Mostly it is common sense though, and our studio will try to pick up anything that may spoil the look of your canvas.

11x14 Canvas Gallery Wrap
16x20 Canvas Gallery Wrap
20x30 Canvas Gallery Wrap
24x36 Canvas Gallery Wrap
Custom Size's Gallery Wrapped
$33.00 Per Square Feet


Photo-60 offers Museum quality canvas prints Nation Wide. But we have been offering Canvas Prints in these locations for over 10 years. (Woodbridge, Lakeridge, Stafford, Alexandria, Lorton, Fairfax Station, Reston, Mclean, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Richmond, Culpeper, Ashburn)

For questions please call 571-572-3026 or email your images to [email protected]

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