8mm to DVD California

Before smartphones and camcorders, home movies were shot on 8mm film. The most popular was Super 8mm film which offered cartridge loading, gave you 50% larger frame size and electric-powered cameras. Kodachrome's excellent archival qualities mean that old 8mm film can still appear remarkably fresh if stored in the correct conditions.

Since 1996 Photo-60 has been Video transferring old 8mm home movies. First it was 8mm to VHS, in 2003 we started 8mm to DVD and currently we offer 8mm to Blu Ray or to a digital copy. Photo-60 with the latest telecine equipment can capture and preserve those old homes movies to a custom made DVD or blu ray. You have your choice of having the movies captured in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD). High definition captures offers 1920x1080 resolution while standard definition captures at 720x480. For viewing the video onto a HDTV I would strongly suggest getting the 8mm captured onto a Blu Ray and High Definition Digital Files, for crystal clear images.

Why Choose 8mm to DVD

The most popular format is 8mm to dvd. Nowadays about 95% of the population has a DVD player in their house holds. Our 8mm to DVD transfers are 99% compatible with current dvd players. There is no more need for the hassle of fast forwarding or rewinding that is associated with a VHS. Each reels becomes its own chapter onto the DVD. We can title the menus and chapters to the customers request. Making navigating to the exact point that you want hassle free.

Why Choose 8mm to Blu Ray

Blu Ray offers the same navigational benefits as the DVD, but in a higher resolution. 2x the resolution of 8mm to DVD. Perfect for viewing on high definition TVs. For ultimate clarity choose high definition transfers. Downside is that majority of people do not have a blu ray player. If you do have a blu ray player we also offer the 8mm transferred to a digital copy (Apple ProRes or AVI). Connect your laptop to a HD TV and play the files from your computer to the HD TV.

Why Choose the Digital Copy

The Digital Copies are the master files. Both the DVD and the Blur ray is made from the digital copies. The digital copies have no compression so there is no loss of quality. We can supply the 8mm digital copies in either Apple ProRes files or Avi files. The 8mm digital copies are perfect for editing in any video editing software. You can also upload the digital copy file to your favorite video sharing website. Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.

Its Easy to Order

Just gather up all your old home movies. If you'd like to place the reels in a particular order, just write the numbers on the reels and circle the number. Preferable with a permanent marker. You can fit about 36 50ft 3" reels onto a 2 hour DVD or Blu Ray.

Then place the order securely thru our website, by filling out all the necessary information. Click on the Icon below to place your order. Pick if you'd like the movie films on a DVD or Blu Ray, fill out how many reels you have and what size. Choose if you'd like the Digital copies in either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) resolution. If you need help with the ordering process please call us at 571-572-3026 or email me Chris the owner at [email protected]. I'll be glad to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Once you check out you'll be able to download a Photo-60 Voucher, which contains a redemption code and all your contact information. Just print that Voucher out and place it your box to ship to our facility in Woodbridge VA. Please ship all orders to 2602 Morse Lane Woodbridge VA 22192. Make sure you ship with a tracking number so you can know where your package is the entire time in transit.

Once we receive your order, we will call you and let you know we have received the order. Processing the order usually takes about 2-3 weeks. Once your oder is completed we shall ship the order out with USPS or FedEx (with a tracking number). Don't worry if anything happens to your order during transits on its way back to you, we always have a backup on our hard drive.

Once you have received your order sit back and enjoy watching those precious memories.