Whats the difference between Shoebox Scanning Service and the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box?

The Shoebox Scanning Service is for customers who want to scan less than 1000 photos. The Shoebox Scanning Service also offers a scanning solution for customers that have less than 500 photos that need to be scanned. This service does not include 2 way shipping. Customers are responsible for the shipping to us and back.

The Prepaid Photo Scanning Box is a all in one solution for customers with large amount of photos that need to be scanned at 300 or 600dpi. This service also includes 2-way shipping. All you would need to do is go to your local Post Office and pick-up a Medium Flat Rate Box (top loading, Box Size 11″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″). Fill that box up with as many photos as you can with it being able to close properly. Please do not stuff the box. A Medium Flat Rate Box typically holds about 1800 4×6 prints. Once you have ordered the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box service online (Click Here to Order) within 24hrs you will receive a USPS PDF Medium Flat Rate Box shipping label via email. Customers just tape/stick that label onto the box and hand it to their mailman. We will scan the photos, save them to a DVD and ship the box back.