Photo Scanning & Digitization Service Washington DC

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Photo Scanning & Digitization Service Washington DC

Get Thousands of Photos Scanned to DVD. If you have hundreds or thousands of photos laying around the house that needs to be scanned and archived to a DVD, well this is the perfect service for you. Scanning an digitizing hundreds of photos with a flatbed scanner is time consuming. Let us take care of all your photo scanning needs. Since we launched this ShoeBox photo scanning service in 2007, we have scanned and digitized thousands of photos for customers In Washington DC. You have a choice or getting your photos scanned in either 300 or 600DPI. Prices start as low as $69.95 for 500 photos @300DPI. If there is writing on the back, we can also scan the back. Not only do we scan photos for customers in Washington Dc, we also scan slides negatives, 120/220 film and Advantix film. 

Why choose Photo-60? We have been in the photo business in Woodbridge, Virginia since 1996. We know how precious and valuable photos are. All of your photos handled by trained professionals. We are local. Just 30 minutes south of Washington DC. No need to ship off your photos in the mail, if you feel uncomfortable doing so. All photos scanned in-house. If you do plan to ship its only 1 day shipping from Washington DC to Woodbridge VA. For great work and customer service Photo-60 Studio is Washington Dc's number 1 place for all your photo archiving needs. 

How to order.

  • One, you'd need to buy and download a Photo-60 photo scanning voucher from the products icons below. Just click on the service thats right for you.
  • Two, Organize your images to our guidelines. Click here.
  • Three, ship or drop-off your order to us along with printed copy of the Voucher you purchased and downloaded online.

For Question Please call 571-572-3026 or email [email protected]