16MM Film Transferred to DVD Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)


16MM Film Transferred to DVD Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)

…a little history…

16MM film was introduced in 1923 by Eastman Kodak as a less expensive amateur alternative to 35mm film.16mm film was introduced on safety film and is not dangerous. The great thing about safety film was that it did not catch on fire like previous films. 16mm Film, the film standard for low budget college movies to High School and college sports highlights. Most 16mm rolls of film are time capsules that are a family collection of special moments passed by. Some reels of 16mm films are cartoons or comedy, news events sold to families to entertainment. Please be aware that your films are in good condition before projecting, as this can cause damage to the film. The great thing about analog 16mm and 8mm film is that if stored in a cool dry place they will outlast any electronic media.


We are proud today to introduce the 16MM HD Sniper telecine system. The HD sniper system captures images in stunning 1920×1080 HD resolution. Flicker free video with edge to hd1080edge sharpness. Photo-60 has been transferring old 16MM home movies to DVD or a digital format for customers in Charlotte North Carolina for over 10 years. We have captured and digitized 16mm film for families, local High Schools and government agencies like the Social Service administration office.

….preserve them for generations….

Now, what is the best way to share these precious memories and to bring to the 21st century. Well that is to have them all digitized. Each individual frame captured in stunning HD 1080P resolution. We also offer SD (standard definition) captures. Once captured we can transfer the master AVI films to a customers supplied external hard drive. The digital files are perfect for anyone that wants to edit the movies themselves in any video editing software. We can also transfer the movies to a DVD or HD Blu Ray Disc for easy in home viewing, with no hassle. The DVDs and Blu Rays are custom built with unique menus and chapter markers to the customers request.

…..how to place your order…..


gather up all your old 16mm home movies. If you’d like them in a particular order, please number the reels and circle that number. Click Here to Order Online. The containers of the movie film reels keeps the film safe during shipping. Have them securely packaged in a sturdy shipping box. We recommend you track your order via a shipping tracking number so you will know the whole time where your movies are.



number-2-design-md_small  Once we have received your order, we will call you and let you know we have your package. The box will be tagged with a order tracking barcode. If there are any concerns we will call the customer. Now your 16mm movies will be prepped and captured. Once the capture is completed, digital files will be transferred to your hard drive and DVDs will be placed into your box for shipping. Shipping totals are added to the order. Once payment is received over the phone via credit card, your order is shipped.





You receive your order with the digital files on your hard drive and the DVDs. Now sit back relax and easily enjoy your preserved memories.


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16MM Transfer Price List 

16mm Film available in High Definition (HD* 1920x1080P) and Standard Definition (SD* 720×480) Formats
Reel Diameter
Film Lenth
Play Duration (approx.) 
Transfer Cost Per Reel SD or HD
Transfer Cost Per Reel HD*
50 ft
2 minutes
$14.95 per reel
$17.50 per reel
100 ft
4 minutes
$24.95 per reel
$34.95 per reel
200 ft
$49.90 per reel
$69.95 per reel
300 ft
11 minutes 
$74.85 per reel
$104.95 per reel
400 ft
15 minutes 
$99.80 per reel
$139.95 per reel
600 ft
23 minutes 
$149.70 per reel
$209.95 per reel
800 ft
30 minutes 
$199.60 per reel
$279.95 per reel
1000 ft
38 minutes 
$249.50 per reel
$349.95 per reel
1200 ft
45 minutes 
$299.40 per reel
$420.00 per reel
1600 ft
1 hr
3200 ft
2 hr
+ Additional 
To Master DVD or Blu Ray
– Add: 120min DVD-R Master $49.95 – 120min Blu Ray Master $94.95
Digital Copy :  AVI Files: $149.95    NOW FREE
AVI files are perfect for making movies the way you like them in any Video Editing Software (iMovie, Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro, etc). Please supply us with a USB 2.0 Hard Drive that is no less then 50 Gigs and that can be formatted*. Please note that the AVI files from the 8mm movie film is not edited.
* Minimum Charge On All Orders $69.95


For Questions please email [email protected] or call 571-572-3026