Best Way to Preserve Digital Photos, Make Kodak Prints!

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I have been in this Photo business for almost 20 years and customers keep asking me what is the best way to preserve memories? I know its my business to keep customers printing their digital files but its its also my business preserving customer memories for years to come. That is basically what we do. Preserve precious memories.

Should you upload the images to Facebook, Instagram, DropBox, Apple iCloud, to a DVD or external hard drive? Where will these companies be in 20 years? Will there be a Facebook or will it go bye bye like Myspace? Apple iCloud and Dropbox, you’re basically renting your precious memories from these companies. Last week Bank of America cancelled one of my credit cards, that card was the one I used to pay for Apples iCloud photo storage services. So the next week I couldn’t access none of my photos. If I was broke and couldn’t pay the $3.99 a month (I know its not that much) there goes all my photos. Basically the trend nowadays is too rent your media.

The #1 solution for the foreseeable is always gonna be Silver Halide Prints. The tried and tested for over 100 years! I love it when customers bring in old photographs over 40-100 years for our Photo Restoration Service, that tells me the print has endured so many years. Take your favorite pictures print them, place them in album or frame them and hang them up on a wall. Those prints will last 100- 200 years away from direct sunlight. Just think how many years those photographs in shoeboxes (we also offer scanning of photos stored in shoeboxes, click here) and photo albums has lasted.

The #2 solution is to back all your images is onto an external hard drive, Blu Ray Disc or DVD. Hard drives are cheap nowadays and can store thousands of photos. But the down side is hard drives do fail. They only last so long if you keep on using them. I have never had hard drive for more them 5 years without it failing. I really like storing my photos onto a DVD. That is probably my favorite backup solution. I have photos onto a DVD from 2006. They are my precious memories and stored in a safe. The best thing about DVDs are that they don’t fail unlike hard drives. You can set it to “read only”, what that means is that the photos stored onto the DVD can’t be deleted.

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