Types of film we process…….

film developing service
120 FILM
Professional C-41 35MM, Disposable Camera, 120/220 and Advantix film processing in Shop or by Mail order. Since 1996.

Photo-60 offers professional C-41 film processing and printing. Standard turn-around is less than a week once your film is received in our lab.

What types of Film Developing Services do we Offer?

> We offer Film developing and Scanning. Our standard delivery methood of the scans from your film is via a Dropbox link to your email for easy downloading on all devices. We also offer optionals delivery method via a DVD (additional $2.99) or a supplied USB stick

> We also offer Film Developing, Printing and Scanning of your film. You can also order prints in sizes 4×6 and 5×7. These are traditional Silve Halide prints to last for generations onto Kodak Royal Paper.

How to order?

Step 1

Get all your 35MM film together. We can process the following films. C-41 35mm, 120/220, APS Film and Disposable cameras. Also Black and White film in 35mm and 120/220.

Step 3

Once you have checked out you will receive an email notification that has your order number and order details. You can print that out and place it with your film in a padded poly 6×9 (DO NOT SHIP IN PAPER ENVELOPES) mailer or if you don’t have access to a printer just write the order number on the outside of your package in 2 places. Package the film securely. Ship all film prcoessing orders to “2602 Morse Lane Woodbridge VA 22192.”


i received the dropbox link in my notes/inbox but the folders are empty.

We always send out the dropbox link to the customers before the uploading is complete. We usually upload 3-4k images on Fridays, so upload completetion can take 2-4 hours from the time you receive the link. You should start seeing your images slowly populate. (Tiff file formats take much longer**)

How fast is your turn-around time for film processing?

We process color film ever Fridays, So if you dropoff your film on Monday you’ll receive your scans via Dropbox link on that Friday. If we receive your film on Friday before 4pm, you’ll receive the film scans via Dropbox link that same day around 7-8pm. So basically our turn-around time is less than a week for C-41 Color Film. Black and White film can take up to 2-3 Weeks. Links get sent out Fridays and if you ordered 4×6/5×7 prints as well they will be shipped sometime the following week. Usually Monday at the latest Thursday.

What film Scanners do you use for film scanning?

We use top of the line commercial class Noritsu S2 and HS-1800 Scanners.

I dropped off 3 rolls of film but only received 2 folders in my dropbox link.

If you only received 2 out of the 3 rolls it usually cause 1 of your rolls of film came out blank or 1 of your rolls of film was Black and White film which takes longer to develop.

What if one of my rolls of film comes out blank?

If your roll of film comes out blank we refund you $4.95 (refund can vary depending on promotional offers used via website). We also refund any options that you selected (tiffs, prints, extreme scans etc). So if you paid $12.95 for a roll you’ll only be paying $8 if it comes out blank.

How Do I Cancel My Order?

Canceling orders must be requested within 48hrs. Email [email protected] with your order # to request a refund/Cancel.

What address do I send my film orders?

Ship all film processing orders to 2602 MORSE LANE WOODBRIDGE, VA 22192

Do you process E-6, Kodachrome or C-22?

We do not process E-6 slide, Kodachrome or C-22 film.

Do you offer prints?

Yes we offer traditional silver halide prints with our Noritsu 3213 Printer.