Disposal of Film.

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Lots of customers always ask me if they can throw away film (35mm 120/220, 8MM, 16MM, etc) in their trash bins at home or if there was a proper way to dispose of the film. You can just throw color film, black and white film in your trash bin at home. Once the film has been processed there really isn’t that much toxic materials on your film. B/W and color film does contain small amounts of silver in the material after its been processed but the amount is too little to worry about. Some of the silver has been removed while it was being processed in a lab.Certainly no worse than normal household cleaners, paints, etc.

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  1. […] checking with your local municipalities using the website Earth911.com to make sure. However, most experts will just ask you to put developed negatives into the the trash can since developed film doesn’t […]

  2. Mary Tenoever
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    But what about UNDEVELOPED film? It was shot but NEVER developed. You and others only address throwing out developed film. I need to know about UNDEVELOPED film.
    Thank you.

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