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The complete film photography solution. The FilmBOX includes 4 rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400 36exp film, Store Credit code to redeem when you’re ready to process your film, Kodak Ultramax Keychain and 2 Photo-60 Stickers. This item also makes as a great gift idea for film photographer lovers.

  • Includes 4 rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400 36exp Film
  • 1 Roll Black and White Film Lomo Potsdam 100
  • Store Credit Code applied to your account when you’re ready to Process the 4 rolls Kodak Ultramax C-41 Color Film @2048×3076 Resolution (delivery via Dropbox Link). Store Credit Coupon Code can be gifted to another email address, also scheduled to be delivered a on specific date (example on a Birthday).
  • 2 Photo-60 Stickers
  • 2 Free Film Canister Key Chain!


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