8mm and 16mm Home Movie Film to DVD or Digital Dallas, Texas

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Home Movies to DVD or Digital Format

Photo-60 Studio can capture Dallas, Texas customers old 8mm and 16mm home movies and transfer them frame by frame to a DVD or High Definition digital format file. Our Sniper HD machine gives you a 100% flickr free captures with edge to edge sharpness that no other machine can match. 16mm-film-to-dvd-charlotte-north-carolina-3

Before the capture begins, we clean the surface of the 8mm and 16mm film using a gentle Camel hair brush, to remove any dirt/lint/hair thats laying onto the surface of the 8mm or 16mm film. We can’t remove any particles that are embedded into the surface of the 8mm or 16mm film. This can only be done with expensive Movie Studio labs using a special chemical. Personally I don’t mind the particles, it the gives the 8mm and 16mm that unique film that kids nowadays try to mimic with videos they shoot with their smart phones or  digital camcorders.

Once the film has been cleaned we start the movie film capture. If your film has sound then your finished capture will have sounds also. If you don’t have a sound strip on your 8mm or 16mm film then you’ll receive a finished capture with no sound.

During the capture each reel is monitored by our technicians to adjust for over and under exposure. Different scenery have different lighting situations which can effect the exposure of the film. Our technicians will make sure you get a normal exposure. Normal exposure is when the highlights are not washed out and the shadows are not too dark. You get a nicely lite video throughout the capture.

Once the capture is completed, well transfer the Digital files to the customers supplied external hard drive. You’ll also receive a DVD for easy viewing on your DVD player. For more info and pricing CLICK HERE.

Serving Dallas Texas for over 10 years.