Film Processing and Scanning

$13.95 per roll


1 Roll of C-41 Film or BW Processed and Scanned. Delivery via Dropbox or DVD

• 12/24/36 Exposures. 35mm Film and Advantix (Optional 120/220 film)

• Each Image adjusted for Density, Color, and Contrast

• Each Image Adjusted for Highlights and Shadows

• All Images are Scanned at 2048×3076 Resolution*

*APS (advantix) Film does not get reattached to its canisters once the film is processed.

Ship Film Processing orders to the following address “2602 Morse Lane Woodbridge VA 22192”.

Make sure to write your order number on the outside of the package. 

Click here to generate FREE Shipping Label!  This is a FREE USPS First Class Shipping label.

You can use it to ship 8-35mm/advantix rolls of film or 6-120 rolls of film or 1 Disposable camera.

They can only be shipped inside a 6×9 or smaller padded envelope. We recommend 6×9 padded poly mailers. Do not use this label to ship inside any other type of boxes, like Priority Mail box etc.




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