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Built exclusively for professional photographers, the new Kodak Portra 400 135-36 Professional is the world’s best and most rapid colored grain negative film. At a magnificent ISO speed of 400, the new Portra 400 135-36 provides exceptional color saturation and spectacular skin tones over a myriad lighting scenarios. For eons, the most experienced of photographers have shown a preference for professional Kodak Portra films, on account of their perpetually natural and smooth replication of the complete ambit of skin tones. In exactly the same vein, this new film is the perfect option for fashion and portrait photography, as well as for outdoor, nature, and travel photography, where you encounter fast-moving subjects or in places where the lighting isn’t easily controllable. With the Portra 400, you can capture texture, light, and colors that bring an absolutely astounding depth-of-field to the objects you shoot. The Portra 400 always delivers great skin tones without ever compromising on contrast and saturation. It provides the easiest possible method while scanning as far as color and density re concerned. This film offers reliable and consistent results under diverse lighting conditions. You’ll be totally enamored with the vibrant, warm tones of this film. Moreover, it renders remarkably under various lighting situations while shooting in natural light as well as in the studio. Also, the grain is exceedingly accurate for a 400 speed film.

– Kodak Portra 400 135-36exp C-41 Color Negative (Print) Film (ISO-400)

– 1 x Roll


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