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Is Your Tapes NTSC or PAL? * 

Select “My Tapes are NTSC” if your tapes have been shot in the U.S. format that is NTSC. Video that has been recorded overseas is usually a Pal Format. Pal format will not play on U.S. DVD players. The Pal tape needs to be converted to NTSC and then to a DVD. Select this option “Please Convert From Pal to NTSC” if you have a PAL tape.

Digital Copies? * 

Digital Copy (MP4 Format), Perfect for editing, Sharing with Family and Friends, Viewing on Smartphone or Tablet and uploading to video sites. Digital Copies can be burned onto a DVD or transferred to customers external hard drive.

Additional DVD Copies ?

Additional DVD Copies



• Recorded in Standard Play Mode (SP) up to 2 hours max

• From VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8 and Mini D

• Includes: 1 Tape to DVD-R, Jewel Case

• One Tape Per DVD

• Tapes are not combined

• From NTSC to NTSC (Additional Conversion Charge from Pal to NTSC)

• Chapter Markers are Added Automatically

• Digital Format Files are MP4 stored on a DVD or Customers Supplied Hard Drive

**Call for large quantity pricing 571-572-3026

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