What is the Prepaid Photo Scanning Box?

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The prepaid photo scanning box is a complete photo scanning solution to get thousands of photos digitally scanned onto a USB stick.
This solution is perfect for archiving old photos, Lessening clutter around the house by saving boxes of shoebox photos onto 1 USB stick or for sharing thousands of precious photos with siblings. You can make copies of the USB Stick and pass them out to family memories. Making sharing so much easier.
The great thing about the prepaid photo scanning box is that it’s a hassle free solution. Once the order is placed online we ship you a photo scanning box with a shipping label already attached to the box. All you would need to do is get your photos organized according to our photo scanning guidelines. Click here on Instructions on how to prepare your photos for scanning.
Once you have the photos organized according to our guidelines, just fill the box with as many photos as will fit. You can fit a photo as small as a 2×3 or as big as an 8×10. A typical box holds about 1800 4×6 prints.
Once you have filled the box with your photos all you do is use packaging tape to securely tape the box. Make sure you do not over stuff the box, this will lessen the boxes integrity during shipping.
Now hand the box to you mail person, since box already contains and USPS Medium Flat rate shipping label, then we’ll do the rest. Within 2-3 weeks you’ll receive your box back with all your photos scanned @300dpi (optional 600dpi available) onto a USB stick.
For question please send us a message by clicking on the messages icon on the bottom right corner or  you can also reach us at 571-572-3026

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