A Look At Film Developing And Scanning In Washington DC

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In Washington DC, there are many service providers offering film developing and scanning services, but not all provide the same services as there are many who are inexperienced in the area. This is why at Photo60 Studio we offer professional and affordable film processing services in the area of Washington DC and surrounding areas. Continuing on the subject, to help you understand, in this blog, we take a look at film developing and scanning in Washington DC.


Film Developing

At Photo60 Studio, we feature highly experienced darkroom technicians who have years of experience in film development, they make sure all films are professionally processed with high end Noritsu Film Processors. The technicians are able to develop both black and white film and C41 color film. Also, they can able to handle from 35mm to 120, and Advantix film formats.


The Three Processes

Process Only

Darkroom technicians simply develop the film, meaning clients can get their developed negatives back.

Process And Scan (Film Scanning)

Clients can get digital scans of their photos along with the developed negatives. Technicians use professional quality Noritsu scanners to produce all film scans, meaning the jpeg image can be sent directly to your email inbox via a dropbox link. We also offer high quality Tiff Scans (optional, additional cost)

Process And Prints

This is when clients get a high quality silver halide traditional prints with the developed negatives, also, darkroom technicians do color and image correction on the fly to get amazing quality prints that will last for Generations. Darkroom technicians can do this process in less than a week from drop-off although this may vary for large orders, or during busy times.

Two resolutions are available:

High-res – 3000 pixels long edge best suited for 10-inch prints

Extreme-res – 5000 pixels long edge best suited for 15-inch prints or bigger

High-resolution scans can be delivered in the form of tiff files. In some cases, clients are required to leave a suitable USB when they drop off their film because the files are too large.

Get A Discount

All our clients at Photo60 Studio will get a special discount on all of these services. Also, at times we provide a Loyalty scheme that for clients a half-price darkroom or scanning session for certain rolls of film developing. Follow us on Instagram for monthly specials on our Stories. Follow us @photo60studio.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for professional film developing services in Washington dc, then your search ends here, here at Photo60 Studio we are ready to help. This is because we feature the latest equipment and experienced darkroom technicians, so feel free to call us at 571-572-3026 or send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.

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