Launches Country-wide Movie Film to DVD Conversion Service Through Website

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(PRWEB) January 30, 2008 — Families with old movies on film can now preserve their memories through Photo-60’s film to DVD conversion now available through their Website ( With their film and video transfer process, Photo-60 can convert old 8mm film, Super 8mm, 16mm film, camcorder tapes, and VHS videos onto DVDs that will play in home player. Photo-60 can also preserve 35mm negatives and slides by scanning them to DVD or CD formats.

“Photo-60 workers know that memories captured on film are invaluable the DVD transfer process does not damage the 8mm film, Super-8 film, 16mm film, camcorder tapes, VHS tapes, 35mm slides or negatives in anyway,” said Chris Ariasaif, owner of “Once the process is complete the customer will receive their originals back, along with video or image content preserved on either DVD or CD.” Customers with questions about converting movie film to DVD can contact 1-800-683-8171or e-mail the owner chris @

Customers can send in as many films for conversion as they like, and most orders are processed within 10 working days. Photo-60 is introducing the newest addition to their conversion services. The DV8 Pro, designed for Photo-60 shop to create super 8 and regular 8mm transfers, which allow beautiful clarity to each converted film. Every super 8mm or regular 8mm frame of footage is individually scanned. Frame by frame scanning means transfers are 100 percent flicker free, and the images are clear and sharp. The drive assures no film damage to the customer’s original footage.

Submitting Movie Film to Photo-60
Customers should number the reels in the order they want them to appear. One can get up to 1800 feet of 8mm or super 8 movie film and up to 3600 feet of 16mm movie film onto a 2 hour DVD or 2 hour VHS tape. Super 8 and 16mm sound film is transferred with sound to the DVD. All of the film is monitored during the transfer process and any leaders or blank spots are edited out. The film is run on Photo-60’s system one time and returned to the customer in its original condition. Photo-60 also offers a large array of photographic services throughout the site.

Services include: 30min Digital Printing, Enlargements/Poster Prints, 120/220 Printing/Scanning, Film/Slide Archiving to DVD
Prints from Slides, Custom DVD Slide Show,  Movie Film/VHS To DVD,  Photo Restoration, Passport Photos and Portraits.

About (
Photo-60 is a Custom Photo Lab, established in 1996 with the purpose of providing customers with the finest photographic services. Photo-60 provides a variety of services, from online printing, to restoring old photos, to converting movie film to DVD. For pricing of all available services please download the PDF price list at the right of this page.

Contact Information:
Chris Ariasaif
chris @

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