Bulk Rate 35MM Slide Scanning Service


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Upgrade to Premium Scanning Service?

Premium scanning includes individual adjustments for each slide scanned by our professional technician. We adjust for color, density, shadow, highlights and contrast.

Upgrade to Extreme Resolution (5035×3339)?

Go from our standard resolution of 2048×3076 to 5035×3339

Jpeg or Tiff? *

Our standard file format is JPEG but now we offer Tiff format for an additional $49.95. We use the uncompressed TIFF format meaning that no image data is lost after scanning. TIFF is a great choice for archiving images when all detail must be preserved and file size is not a consideration. TIFF files are very large in size compared to JPEGs because no compression is used.

Additional Slides

If you have over 500 35MM Slides

Rotate Images?

We will rotate any negatives to its proper orientation. This only applies to negatives taken vertically.

Places 35MM Negatives in Folders?

If your negatives are already organized in groups, you can label each group. When we scan the images, we will create individual folders for that negative scanning group. For example, you could label one set of negatives as “Swiss Alps” and another set of negatives as “Florida 1985”.

Turn Around Time? *

Our standard turn-around time is 4-6 weeks. We can have 500 Slides completed within 7 working days or less for an additional fee.

Add additional USB sticks to share with family and friends.

Images will be delivered via Dropbox for easy sharing with family and friends. Dropbox link will be added to the “Notes Section” of your order confirmation that you’ll receive via email upon completion of order.

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Get the best rate to get all of your 35mm Kodachrome/Ektachrome Slides digitized. For only $0.59 per frame. All work is done in-house at our Woodbridge, VA location we do not ship your precious negatives overseas.

• up to 500 35MM Slides only (Images saved onto a USB Stick)

• 16Base Resolution (2048×3076)

• Digital Ice Dust and Scratch Removal on Color Film and Ektachrome Slides (Digital Ice does not work on B/W Film and Kodachrome Film)

• All Images Scanned Horizontally Regardless of Orientation.

• Offer Valid Only for Online Purchases Only. Prices Vary at Retail Location.

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