APS Film Scanning

$6.00 per roll

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Take advantage of our great, flat-fee pricing – regardless of exposure count (15, 25, or 40 exposure). Standard resolution is 3,000 dpi (3591×2048) JPEG scans for just $6 per roll or optional 4,000 (4724×2694) dpi for $9 per roll.

• Images Scanned with Top of the Line Commerical Scanners

• Images Saved as Jpegs (Tiffs optional)

• Digital Ice Dust and Scratch Removal on Color Film and Ektachrome Slides
(Digital Ice does not work on B/W Film and Kodachrome Film)

Packing Instructions

APS film is self-contained in its own canister; do not attempt to remove it. If your canisters are in APS-specific film holders, you may send the film in them; the holders will be returned to you.

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